Ortil Dishwasher Salt

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ORTILâ„¢ Dishwasher Salt

Hard water causes whitening of the utensils and glassware and also the components of the dishwasher which affects the efficiency and life of the washer. Ortil dishwasher salt is a special salt which is used to back flush the water softener element in the water inlet which in turn helps maintain the softness of the water which is being used for washing.


  • Back flush the water softening element of the softening unit
  • Ensures efficient functioning of the washer
  • Free of additives



Appearance White free flowing granules
pH 7.0-7.5
Fragrance Odorless
Shelf Life 24 months
Solubility Readily soluble
Safety -
Stability Hygroscopic



Product Code Packing
ORDWS002 2 liter
ORDWS005 5 liter
ORDWS025 25 liter



Add directly into the Dishwasher Salt compartment as per Dishwasher manufacturer’s instructions

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