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Make it shine, instantly

Glaso Blue is a Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner that effective cleans glass, mirror, windows, window panes, table tops, laminated surfaces and almost any other hard surfaces to a shine, instantly. Glaso effectively removes soil, dirt, grime, whiteness prevalent on glass and other surfaces and cleans without leaving streaks. Glaso does not contain ammonia of any other harmful ingredients and is safe for use on any surface. Pleasantly scented formula ensures complete cleaning of the surfaces.


  • Effective on wide range of surfaces including glass, laminated and glossy surfaces
  • Also safe for use on oil painted and luster painted surfaces
  • Fast drying formula. Does not leaves streaks
  • No ammonia or other harmful chemicals
  • Contains biodegradable surfactants; pleasantly scented



Appearance Light Blue Transparent Liquid
pH 6.5-7.0
Fragrance Floral
Shelf Life 24 months
Solubility Readily soluble
Safety Irritant
Stability Stable



Product Code Packing
GBGSC500 500 ml spray bottle
GBGSC001 1 liter
GBGSC005 5 liter



Glass/Mirror/Window-panes etc: Spray fine mist and wipe dry with a tissue paper or a clean cotton cloth. Buff for added shine.

Laminated surfaces/Electric appliances/Tables etc: Spray fine mist on the surface and wipe clean with a clean cotton cloth. Buff for added shine. Repeat, if necessary.


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